Weekly summary: The fourth week of Problem-Based Learning: Principles and Design

November 2nd, 2015

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Posted by Dr, D.M.L. (Daniëlle) Verstegen

Please help us to evaluate and improve this course. Answer the mid-term survey:

https://novoed.com/problem-based-learning/surveys/start/169280 (also available in the reminders on the Home page).

Some observations of the teaching team

In this fourth week many teams are developing a way to collaborate and communicate, although some teams seem to be struggling a bit. To make changing groups easier, we have opened a specific forum. About 70 teams are submitting assignments. The set of assignments 1B shows many interesting questions and discussions, including issues like: when can you use PBL? what should the role be of a tutor: what does it mean to work collaboratively? what is the role of the student? how can the student be supported?
There seem to be different opinions about what knowledge a tutor should have, what a PBL problem is, or how PBL can be implement. We touch briefly on these questions in the Google Hangouts session, but they will also come back in the assignments in Track 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Tips of the teaching team: Can you find evidence for your claims? Can you use the sources that you study to substantiate what you report? Share your suggestions for resources in your team and in the discussion forum of your track.

Key tasks this week

This week the three tracks have split up and you are now working on PBL tasks related to your track. Please also feel in the mid-term evaluation form.

Main topics in the Google Hangouts

– Reflection on team charters & how groups are collaborating now
– Reaction to Assignment 1
– The MOOC project: why are we organizing this MOOC?

If you have missed it, it is still available here:

The next hangout is on Friday November 6 – 11.30 hrs CET

Some practical issues

– You can use whatever language you want in your team’s discussion, but please hand in your assignments in English. It is impossible for other participants to do a peer evaluation otherwise.

– Some of you have already noticed that you have access to the assignments and materials of all tracks. Take a look if you are interested.

– Unfortunately, this also means that you see the reminders of all tracks. We can’t change this, so please ignore reminders for assignments that are not part of your track.

– Some of you are having trouble finding a new group, or finding new members for a group that has become small. We have opened a new forum for this:

– We have also opened up a forum for your comments on this MOOC. We are eager to hear your experiences and suggestions: https://novoed.com/problem-based-learning/oe/#!/forums/51084 (Thanks Razim for the suggestion)

– Would you like to participate in one of Hangouts sessions to discuss your experiences in this course? Please let us know!

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