How did we develop the contents for this MOOC?

May 11th, 2015

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By Diana Dolmans – When we are designing a course, we -as teachers- often start thinking about the knowledge that we want to teach, which is related to our specific domain of expertise. When we designed course materials for this MOOC, we took another approach. We started by consulting teachers who work with Problem-Based Learning in daily practice and asked them which competencies teachers should acquire when they get involved in problem-based learning. Which competencies do they need when they become tutors in Problem-Based Learning tutorials? What should you be able to do to design educational materials within a Problem-Based Learning setting? Which competencies are needed to assess students and to implement a Problem-Based Learning curriculum?

As a next step we developed authentic, professionally relevant problems in close collaboration with teachers involved in Problem-Based Learning programs across various disciplines. We gave each other frequently feedback to further improve the contents of this MOOC. Sharing experiences among teachers from various disciplines was really inspiring and valuable! I hope that this MOOC will inspire others as well to broaden their expertise and network in teaching.

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